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Want to own your own business and don't know where to start?


We are Mobile Car Valet (NZ) Ltd, a professional mobile car valet cleaning service with over 20 years experience and proven systems behind us - and we have a smashing opportunity for you.

Pete and Kay have got years of experience and the passion for running successful businesses, and now they want to help you get set up with the Systems you need to succeed, by setting up your own Mobile Car Valet Business, in your own location - no experience necessary!

If you've had enough of working for someone else, love a challenge and a bit of physical activity, but are scared to leap into the unknown, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll remove the fear and overwhelm of starting your own business by providing you with a proven system and plenty of ongoing support - all without any ongoing franchise fees.

Start your own business

If you are ready to start your own business, one with a proven history and huge growth potential, then Mobile Car Valet could be just right for you.

Give Pete a call on 0274 973 955 or email to arrange a meeting where you can find out more and have your questions answered.

What other new owner's are saying:

"In May of 2020 I purchased Mobile Car Valet in the Hutt Valley area. I had previously spent 12 years working as a Police Officer and had decided that in my next venture I wanted to work for myself. I spent many months searching for what would be the right fit for me.

Yes, the concept that Pete and Kay sell seems too good to be true... but it is a genuine money maker.  Like Pete will no doubt say "there is no catch, if you find it tell me!"

Pete and Kay provide you with excellent training and support to get you hitting the ground running.

I started my business in very tough times after the Covid lockdown, but a very short 7 months later and I simply can't keep up with the demand. I'm really excited for what 2021 will offer.

It's really simple, follow the training you are provided, work hard and the customers will come knocking!  The profitability margins and awesome and I get to work around my kids, win win!

Pete and Kay are very knowledgeable and friendly. I am very thankful to have met them and we're still in contact to this day."

Cameron Stack, Hutt Valley Mobile Car Valet

"Pete and Kay from Mobile Car Valet (NZ) are passionate about their product and concept.

They go to a great deal of effort to ensure you have a smooth journey through training to the setup of your own business.

If you are thinking of venturing into the vehicle grooming business and do not want the tie of a franchise, then this would be an option well-worth your consideration."

Neil Baker, Christchurch Mobile Car Valet

For just $19,800 (GST incl) we will provide the system and support you to:

Become your own boss!

Make good money!

Enjoy work life balance with flexible working hours!

This is a significant untapped commercial opportunity, with the support of a very solid business model that has seen success in a number of regions, nationwide. 

If you’re ready to work, the sky's the limit!

By booking in one car per day, five days a week, you could make upwards of $72,500 per year.
And it only grows from there.

Booking 2 cars a day could make you $145,000 per year.  See the potential? Why stop at just owning the one van?  

Our business model is rock solid. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from an exciting opportunity to live a flexible and balanced life that will set you up for the future. We’re here to provide that opportunity.

No need to worry about experience, you provide the work vehicle and the eager and willing attitude, and we’ll bring the rest:

Waterless cleaning system

Our waterless cleaning system is good for the environment and great for doing business year-round - a vehicle can be cleaned under shelter even in the  winter weather or the  summer sun.

​You're not limited to cars

Have a passion for trucks, boats, campers, or machinery?  The Mobile Car Valet system can take care of most vehicles comfortably.

Training and marketing

You’ll receive comprehensive training in the complete system.  And marketing tips to attract clients.

Create your own great moments - start a Mobile Car Valet business today

What our other business owners say about Mobile Car Valet:

"Five years ago we purchased a Mobile Car Valet franchise from Mobile Car Valet NZ Ltd.  This was our first business venture and the assistance we received from Pete and Kay was invaluable.

After Pete and Kay retired as franchisors we became an independent business, we still maintain a great relationship with both Pete and Kay, and anytime we need advice on anything Pete is the guy we call first and he’s always happy to help.

The Mobile Car Valet Concept has worked well for us and we now have a successful thriving business that continues to grow and has a lot of repeat customers that love the unique way we valet their vehicles.

If you are looking at starting a valet business then we would recommend the Mobile Car Valet concept and having a chat with Pete and Kay."

Chris & Gail, Mobile Car Valet Manawatu, NZ.

Contact Pete today to begin your new business journey

Phone: 027 497 3955

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Message Sent


The Mobile Car Valet concept

  • What makes MCV concept different to others?
    We use a Waterless System and We’re Mobile - more about this during training.
  • Is there is longevity in the mobile car cleaning business?
    For sure! More and more cars are going on the road every day and they all get dirty.
  • Do I need premises to operate from?
    Not if you don’t want to. We’ll talk more on that subject during training.
  • How many people do I need to make this business work?
    We recommend two, however it can be run successfully by one person.
  • Am I stuck to a specific territory?
    No, however if another operator joins who is close by it would be advantageous to work out areas with each other for you both to cover.
  • Can I put more vans on the road if I get too busy?
  • Why are you selling the System?
    We would just love to see others doing what we’ve done, and enjoy the lifestyle and income that we created from it.

The ins and outs of car cleaning

  • How do I clean a car without water, and can I clean any vehicle without water?
    This will be demonstrated during your training. We’ve done thousands of vehicles using this method, so you’ll get to see how quick and easy it is. Heavily soiled vehicles are dealt with by a different method.
  • How long does it take to valet a car?
    As all vehicles come to us in different states the time and cost to valet them varies accordingly. During your training we will go into this in detail.
  • Is cleaning cars really hard work?
    Can be - if you do it the hard way. Pay attention during training and we’ll teach you the efficient, easy, waterless way.
  • Where will I get my products from?
    We will let you know that during training.

Training, marketing, ongoing support

  • How long does the training take and where does it happen?
    We allow a week to get you up to speed. Training takes place at our location in Napier.
  • Who trains us?
    Pete and Kay who have over 20 years experience.  You can rest assured you are learning from the best.
  • How long after I’ve bought an MCV (NZ) LTD System will I get support for?
    Free support is ongoing!
  • Do I have the use of your branding and logo, what about other marketing materials?
    For a low monthly cost you receive use of the well-recognised Mobile Car Valet logo and branding. You get a spot on the existing 0800 number, a link from the national website to your own (additional costs will apply for your own website page), and recognition on the national Facebook page.
  • How do I advertise and market my new MCV business?
    We’ll guide you through this process in training.
  • How do I get clients?
    This is touched on during training where you will meet our marketing guru.
  • What if I come across something that wasn’t covered in training and I don’t know how to do it?
    As long as we are about, we will do whatever we can to help you.
  • Do uniforms come with the system?
    No, we do however have a local firm you can purchase them from. 
  • What about health and safety?
    Health and Safety is covered during your training.

The money side

  • How do I go about purchasing an MCV (NZ) Ltd system?
    Easy, 50% deposit and the balance is payable just prior to the start of your training.
  • I’ve never been in business; can you help with this?
    Absolutely, we are happy to advise the steps you need to take to get your business up and running.
  • Do I have to pay any fees after I have purchased?
    No, there are no ongoing fees from MCV (NZ) Ltd.
  • How much money can I make?
    That simply depends on how many vehicles you valet per day.
  • How do I invoice customers?
    We use a nifty invoice programme that you can send invoices right from your smartphone. You will also carry a mobile eftpos machine so you can collect payment on the spot.
  • How quickly will my customers pay?
    We will show you the steps to take to get paid quickly.
  • How much notice do you need for me to buy an MCV (NZ) Ltd System and get me started?
    We can usually get things underway quickly for you.
  • Can I buy more than one system?
    You betcha.
  • Do you supply any products, equipment, etc with the System?
    Yes, we supply a starter kit of cleaning products to get you going. You will need however to purchase some equipment for example a generator, shampoo machine, vacuum cleaner, power leads, vehicle signage etc. Fortunately, these items don’t cost much these days so no major hidden capital costs to get you going.
  • I'm interested, what do I do next?
    Get in touch to arrange a meeting with Pete and Kay.